Thursday, June 28, 2012

Milla Jovovich Should Be Your Goddess...Just sayin'!

We are ALL looking forward to the newest Resident Evil movie right?  Ok, well I am am!  So, I quickly glanced over Milla's IMDB profile to find out if I've missed some of her newer indie films.  Of course, I have missed a few!  However, the film Bringing Up Bobby really seems to be the most important to see.  It was shot in 22 days in Oklahoma, and it seems that her performance has gotten some good reviews. here I come!

Read some info on the film here! (From: IMDB)

Is it EVEN possible for Milla to NOT look fresh-faced? Damn, Grrrl! (From:
I don't really know why I have this fascination for Milla J.  It definitely wasn't the Blue Lagoon film that she did, which I found really perverse and wrong.  But, her work as a model, singer (she's one of my fav artists), and actress are all strong.  If you haven't heard her music, you should check it out.  She JUST released a new single called Electric Sky, which I've linked below.  Take a listen!  (From: YouTube)

If you have never heard her album The Divine Comedy, you must have just climbed out from under a rock (or the closet that your mother locked you in for your entire childhood).  So, follow the link below to her music at Amazon's MP3 download page:

Milla's Music that you should def check out NOW!

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