Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Heart Sharon Stone...

amanwithaview WHERE IN THE WORLD IS SHARON STONE?  June 21, 2012
SS lookin' smoking hot, and very hungry for that apple (From:

And, just to be sure that she was still around, I googled her ass!  Lo-and-behold I found something from US Weekly that gave me my fix that I have so badly needed.

SS hittin' the beach, and then later hittin' her BF (I can only imagine) (From: US Weekly)

Here, I found that that she has a twenty-something for arm-candy.  He's not bad looking either.   This seems to be the thing to do.  Those twenty year-olds aren't seeming too shabby to me any longer.  I will be part of the in-crowd if I can land one.  Mental note taken!

Good to see that she's having fun.  I wanted more info, so I continued googling (yes, I said "googling" as if it actually exists in the dictionary as a literal word).  According to, which I fail to trust for the most part, she has six new films in the works.  Girl got the work going on!  I am really excited to hear about these projects, and hopefully she can land her next Casino role very soon.  She was beyond excellent in that film.  Come on, Hollywood!  She's proven her abilities, and it just seems no one is giving her the opportunity to take that much of a chance once again.  I would...had I the cash to make a movie of that magnitude.  Anyone wanna give me a 5 million dollar loan?  I got the time if you got the funds, Peeps.

Check out her IMDB page to read about her upcoming projects (although I cannot assure you that they will all see the light of day):

Sharon Stone needs her next Casino...could one of these be IT?

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