Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like we all don't realize this already....BUT

Having just recently graduated from a Master program (feeling the ramifications of doubt and debt myself right now), I wanted to read about what others are going through.  This article made me feel a bit better, realizing that some of these kids have it far worse than I.

You spent HOW much on your undergrad? SHI*! What are we going to do now? (From: NYTimes)

Seriously, when is our nation going to put some value in education by ensuring jobs for it's citizens that have WORKED hard for the degrees that they earned?  It seems, these days, graduates finish school only to realize that the job market stinks and they're going to have to fight just to be seen for the worst positions on the planet.  Why is that exactly?

I think that the next Presidential elections will be important because of this very issue.  Let's take a deeper look at Romney and see just how he plans on improving the employment situation.  Oh wait....he's rich.  He don't give a shi* about us.  I saw today that he's worth $200 million.  That can't be right....or is it?

Obama can you hear me?

Stepping my recently graduated ass off the soapbox...for now.

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