Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saint "Did someone say baby?" Angelina Jolie's new film. First pic!

Seriously! I KNOW you want to click and see this pic! (From: Dark Horizons) Click on the link and take a look at Angelina in all her devilish glory!  LOVE how Disney is sticking to the original look, but using a bloody, rustic red instead of black for the headgear.

Maleficent is based on Snow White, and will tell of how Angelina Jolie's character comes to be the devil that she is.  Think back to childhood, and remember the evil queen in the animated film Snow White.  That's it!

I am seriously interested in how this is going to turn out.  Plus, the supporting cast looks amazing!  Miranda Richardson (The Crying Game) and  Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake/Crush) are included.  PS, if you have not seen The Crying Game, Vera Drake, or Crush, consider yourself film deficient.  Resolve this immediately.  I don't care what you have to do.  Netflix, Redbox, steal them from your neighbor, JUST WATCH THEM!

On a side note, and having NOTHING to do with this post....Andie MacDowell, where are you?  I need you in my life again.  Come on Dark Horizons!  I need some Andie news asap!  Hint, hint!

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