Thursday, June 28, 2012

amanwithaview I'm NOT against male celeb nudity...AT ALL: June 28, 2012

Let's talk about the whole "celeb sex tape" fiasco of the past few years.  TG that is pretty much over with.  It was the thing to record yourself doing the nasty, and then having someone else leak it.  Their excuses that they accidentally sent it to this person or that, or they had their phone/cam stolen is complete BS.  Come on, the public KNOWS.  They wanted their name, and nakedness out there.  Sex sells, and it always has.  It was (hopefully ISN'T) the new form of prostitution.

Thankfully, things have calmed and we can get back to celebs posing for sexy photos.  Now THAT's something we can all appreciate, and look at without feeling like we're spying on things that we shouldn't be.  These male celebs have taken these LOVERLY shots in the hopes that we find them sexy, and NOT because we want to see their happy ending.  LOL!  Thankfully, we can do so without feeling like we need to take a shower after viewing.

That being typed...let's take a peek at some recent H.O.T. appearances by celebs and semi-celebs:

Adam Levine - Singer

I''d do more with my hands...Just sayin' (From:
This is a seriously ballsy move for him, and it was for a great reason (other than for sexual fantasy).  Good for him.  No...GOOD for us!  LOL!

David Beckham - SEXY BITCH/Soccer Star

Hey, we all have undies to sell, don't we?  Well, Beckham seems to be excelling at the sales of his and other famous designer's goods as well.  Although, I have one question.  Why do they all look like they have balloons filled with birdseed down their underpants?  I'm NOT complaining, but our packages do NOT look like that in our Armani undies.  Just sayin'...  Keep the ads coming, Becks.  Seen his H&M underwear ads?  Google them now!

Dieux du Stade - European rugby stars gone crazy for a yearly calendar

He really wants me to play rugby... (From:
Taking a page out of the fundraising "how-to" book, the European rugby leagues realized the monetary value of nakedness.  Why not photo all the players sans clothing, put them in a calendar, and sell the SH** out of it?  Hmmmm......SOLD!  I have one of the books from the series of calendars and it is HOT!  Really, I wouldn't care about seeing a match other than if they were all playing in these uniforms.  Oh to be a photographer.  

More to come...

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