Saturday, June 23, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer and I AM FREAKING OUT at how good it looks!

Milla Jovovich completely ROCKS, rocks, rocks my little world.  The first film was AMAZEBALLS, the second was nearly as great, the third had infected birds and fourth was almost unwatchable, but HOLY SHIZ this one looks like it's going to rule the universe!

Take a gander and judge for yourself.  Hopefully, you can appreciate a strong woman kicking a** for a living.  :P

This trailer is MUCH more intriguing than the teasers that have been released before.  The story is more apparent, with the beginning returning to the fact that Alice has, once again, been programmed.  She awakens only to realize she has been a part of a much bigger plan by the Umbrella Corporation.  Do I sound like a nerd yet?  Too bad.  Watch this, and be sure to catch up on the first four films before heading to the theater to see this one.  You will appreciate the journey all the more!

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