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MySpace....You Still Got Yours? Just wondering...

amanwithaview MYSPACE....My thought, Your thoughts  June 21, 2012

I deleted my MySpace QUITE a while ago.  I just felt that it was time.  There were porno chicks and whores filling up my inbox with computer-generated messages, and it was just getting old and it was TIME to let it go.  However, I am beginning to think twice about my decision.

I am beginning to remember how FUN it was to design my page with clips of the music that I loved.  I could attach pictures of all the beautiful people (at least on the outside they were pretty pretty....get it?). So, now, I look at Facebook, with it's new TIMELINE fu**ing feature, which drives me up the FUC*ING wall, and I wonder which social media is better?

You may be quick to answer.....BUT I want you to remember the music.  I have never encountered a site more geared towards the advancement of new artists and existing artists.  I never had a hard time finding songs that I just felt like listening to.  And, I never had to go to another site to download them.  MySpace allowed you to listen to them whenever, and wherever, you wanted.  It REALLY WAS a great way to find what you wanted, whenever you wanted it.

Your personal page was just that.  It was able to become very personal, with your own design.  Can you do that on Facebook?  NO, not really.  You can update your status with your current desires, however they disappear within seconds.  MySpace allowed you to keep it just where you wanted.  Why can't Facebook allow that sort of personal creativity?  Just sayin'...

Is that what the Timeline is supposed to be?  Well, it's not.  It's just an annoyance, in my opinion.  I have deleted two of my FB accounts, merely due to the fact that it changes more than a whore changes her underwear.  I have YET to update to that fuc*ing Timeline, because it just looks busy.  As Dolly Parton said, busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest....and, I'm not having it.  Fuc* that.

I'm not saying that Facebook should be the new MySpace.  I'm saying, didn't we ALL enjoy MySpace a bit more?  It seems that we had a LOT more at our fingertips.  Legal or not, the MUSIC was there.  All FB has to offer is the fact that the creator is making a HELL of a lot money off of us using it.  Sounds a lot like PH BALANCE (what I will refer to Perez Hilton as from this point on).

I know that MySpace became Hook-UpSpace, but come on....who doesn't like a good hook-up once in while?  At least the hook-up didn't come with a fuc*ing Timeline!  LOL!  Just saying...

Thanks for reading!  Take a gander at this article that got my mind racing on this subject....

Huff Post on MySpace.....Got me thinking twice about jumping ship to FB (From: Huff Post)

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  1. HAH! LOL! I hear ya hate timeline, loved your Myspace page it was super creative!