Sunday, June 17, 2012

THE BEST LGBT BLOG EVER!!! (It's not mine...yet)

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I have followed this blog for quite a few years, and it has NEVER failed to inform me of LGBT events occurring all over the world.  And, I am not exaggerating when I say the entire world.  This is the most detailed coverage of our community's news that I have ever encountered.

What is truly great about this site is how it mixes humor with tragedy, and it makes complete sense.  This site informs you about upcoming legislation, what film Rupert Everett is working on next, what Elton John wore last night, followed by news of gays being decapitated in Africa.  It works, because this IS our community.  We laugh when we can, but in a New York-second things can change.  As the Republicans spew their hatred of our "lifestyle," the news from Africa doesn't seem all that unfathomable.  Re-elect Obama or our country will be faced with the greatest step backward ever.  Care to relive the joys of the segregated and intolerant 50's and 60's?  Let's let the Right take office in the upcoming elections...because Romney loves us so very much.

I digress.  I went a bit off course.  I was trying to say that EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone, should go to and check it out.  In fact, when you delete Perez, please put this site in that atrocity's place in your bookmarks bar.  You won't regret it for a second!  Definitely the BEST LGBT news source since Fox News.  Oh wait...what?

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