Sunday, June 17, 2012

In my opinion, THIS is public enemy #1

Perez Hilton...then (from:

...and today (from:

As of this morning, I am deleting my bookmark.  In fact, I am deleting this "blogger" from my life.  His relevance to modern gossip has diminished.  I no longer find his "news" even the slightest bit interesting.  I see no difference in the person that he was, when he started his blog, and the monstrosity that he exists as today.  We are forced to see him jet setting from locale to locale.  We are forced to read his stolen stories.  We are forced...we are forced to see HIM.  As Susan Powter used to say, "STOP THE INSANITY!"  Stop Perez Hilton.  Remember he used Hilton in his blog title due to the popularity of one Paris Hilton.  Get it...Perezhilton.  He rode the coattails of Paris Hilton, People!

In the beginning, he made his mark by outing celebrities and basically trash-talking anyone and everyone that he could.  His name was mentioned everywhere, because what he was saying was shocking.  It was something new, something different, and something unfair to those he was bullying.  

Now, he states a change has been made.  He's found his God, which to us means he is no longer beating anyone up with his words.  He has changed his body.  Strike that.  His advertisers paid trainers to change his body.  I fail to see how he was motivated to move without a hottie trainer running in front of him.  That ugly rabbit absolutely required a dangling carrot.  

I say this to you, the public.  Delete his blog from your life.  It does no one any good.  Remember the past, because his should follow him.  He had an ego then, and he has the same ego now.  He couldn't make it as an actor, and had to find some way to get his name out there in Hollywood.  He CHOSE to use other's pain for his own gain, and he continues to do so today.  He says he no longer bullies, but he continues to "report" on every pain that every celeb encounters.  You don't trust me?  Pull his blog up one last time.  Yes, it's still there.  

I chose this topic as my first attempt at blogging, because a blog should be something personal.  And, in order to make my own life healthier, I am cutting the fat.  I am cutting  Follow my lead, and you will forever be grateful.  Hell, every celebrity out there will celebrate the day that we shut his disgraceful mouth up for the final time.    


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