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MDNA - My Thoughts, Your Thoughts

amanwithaview Honey badger...I mean Madonna, don't give a shi*!  June 21, 2012

Gimme all your MDNA, Bitches.  (From:

I have a friend (you know who you are...PETE) who had one thing to say about Madonna's newest album, MDNA.  He said (three times, not in a row), "You know, her sales are horrible," or something to that effect.  It was effective the first time that he said it, but after the third it got me thinking.  Is it true?  I mean, I went to Best Buy and bought it.  Her other fans had to do the same, or at least go the easiest route and click "Buy" on Amazon (in at least one of the purchasing choices that it offers).

In part, he was right.  Rollingstone even wrote an article on the fact that MDNA is now known as the album with the largest drop in 2nd week sales ever.  However, reading the article made me realize (once again) that Madonna is one of the SMARTEST artists out there.  She attached the sale of her album directly to the sales of her tour tix.  Smart, smart, smart woman.  She puts on the best shows of any artist, and WHY NOT offer your new album along with your new show?  Fair is fair.  If the fans are buying the tix for the show, why wouldn't they just purchase the album at the same time.  Twice as nice, right?  Take that, Pete.

MDNA's drop in 2nd week sales sets record...who cares (she still makin' more money than you) LOL (From: Rollingstone)  Click to read the article for yourself! add fuel to my fire (and it's red hot), here Madge is at #9 on the Dance/Electronic Album Hit List for this week:

Billboard shows her relevance to music...even today :P  (From: Billboard)

I guess that my point is this......

My blog is probably turning into one of the GAYEST ever, but that's ok.  ALSO, even at her lowest sales, her music proves to be the best dance music offered by even the NEWEST artists.  How long has she been making music?  Take that newbies.  She's in her 50's and still kickin' major ass.

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