Sunday, July 8, 2012

MDNA - The Fashion Edition

YES! YES! and... FU** YES!  (From:
Fab sketch of the tour costume above!  (From:
Alright, alright, alright already!  I may get some serious slack here, but I need to get this off of my chest.  I HEART MADONNA.  Always have, always will.  I'm a homosexual, and we homosexuals love us some Madge.  Lady Gaga has her place, but not in Madonna's space.  Ha!

I had heard that Jean-Paul Gaultier was designing, once more, and even updating the cone-bra for Vogue.  LOVELY!  I got super excited immediately.  She seems to incorporate his designs into a show that always includes a few other designers' work as well.  It all comes together swimmingly!

Check out all of Gaultier's sketches here! Pretty fracking awesome!  (From:

This is why I heart the interwebs.  I CANNOT afford to see this sh** live, so I can get all the updates from other people all over the world.  Then, I WAIT AND WAIT for the tour dvd to come out so I can enjoy the show from the peace and quiet of my own place.  It's cheaper, I can eat food, drink some wine, and even get up and pretend to be a backup dancer.  Yes, I do that from time to time.  Plus, I've discovered that her dvds are really helpful in motivating me to exercise.  For should try it.  The dancers bods are to die for, so it makes me think that someday (if I keep moving) I will look like that too.  Hopefully, before I hit 50...

I digress....back to Madonna's MDNA fashion!

A well-deigned band leader!  (From:
From what I have seen, the show looks amazeballs and I cannot wait to see it all put together (at some point in my boring life).  I always GET REALLY excited to sit down and put the dvd in the player and watch the shows for the very first time.  I think that's the first sign of obsession.  I should see a doc and get some pills.  LOLs.

I don't know what it is about her boots, but they are fantastic.  I think she knows how hot they look, and she has included them in every show I think she has done since the late 80's.  And, the boots pictured above are Miu Miu!

Gaultier also does most of the design for the backup dancers...see the hearts on their butts above?  Hi-fricking-larious, and very playful.  I think Madge has the same on her shorts...but you can't see it here.

There is one costume that I'm NOT sure really works that well on stage as it does in the sketch.  The material just looks kind of baggy and not very fitted.  I get what it was supposed to be, but the outcome was completely different.  Well....we can't ALL be perfect all of the time!  See below:

Better with boot, no?  (From:

Who knows though?  I may LOVE it all when I see the dvd.  Check back with me later and I may be raving about it ALL!

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