Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some dude named Frank walks out of his closet, and it makes the news

He kinda looks like Kanye. Like ONE of those wasn't enough in the world.  (From:
Twitter (and basically ALL of HW) was abuzz with the "news" that Frank Ocean came out.  My immediate response was who the fu** is Frank Ocean?  I have yet to remember EVER seeing or hearing of him, but I guess this is some GREAT celebrity news.

I guess, the big deal is that he is in the hippity-hoppity world AND they do NOT like the gays.  Nope, they are pretty much a huge compilation of Black Republicans.  Only, instead of just denying us rights, the hippity-hoppiters would rather see us...well...gone.  As I've oft heard from one "rapper" in particular, his fav phrase to pass around, in order to magically enlarge his little penis, is "no homo."

I digress...back to a frank ocean.  How does an ocean be so frank?  This hippity-hoppity artist declared his first love to be a man.  And, they spent two (not just one) wonderfully, gay summers together.  Go, Frank!  Two whole summers of gay lovin'.  But, my question is...where is your lovin' now?  His coming out almost sounds like, "Well, I was gay for two summers, but..."

Anyhow, read for yourselves and find out just who he is.  I read it, but I still have no idea.  And, I don't really care that much.  I'm glad he came out, but I wonder why HE is such a big deal?  We already have Elton, and THAT ONE never shuts up.  LOLs.  The difference is that Elton has done A LOT more than just come out.  He may have a loud, sometimes obnoxious mouth, but he does SOOOO much good in the community... AIDS fundraising, cash donations (he just grabs some from under his overstuffed mattress or from the cookie jar in the kitch and throws it out his open windows), appearances, singing, over-the-top Oscar parties, kicking homeless youth for get the drift.

MTV reports on a frank ocean...  (From:

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