Wednesday, July 4, 2012

amanwithaview TODAY I'm Listening To...Lavendar Diamond. You should too!

Lavender Diamond loves to love the world...  (From:
Becky Stark leads a group that creates, what Becky would call, universal group hugging, love, peace, and rainbows with unicorns on top!  Seriously lovely tunes!

Above is Open Your Heart, and the video is directed by Sia (of all people). Which goes to show, this is a group that has some serious acclaim from the best in the indie music scene.  Lavender Diamond, with their freshman release, Cavalry of Light, proved to be a beacon of light in a dreary fog created by hyper-mixed and less inspired artists (think of most everything released by certain all-too-rich artists filling up Billboard's top charts).  Their sophomore album, Imagine Our Love, was amazeballs and took their sound to another level.  Each song has a sense of longing, that I seem to connect with immediately.  Plus, Becky's talent and classical training shine above OTHER artists who struggle to perform their all-too-popular single live.  Becky is unafraid to belt her voice, because she's a confident singer.  And, she wants to entertain with lyrics that she believes will bring happiness and a certain connection to real life circumstances.  She's NOT going to be singing about new cars, booties, liquor, or friggin' umbrellas (Rihanna(s) of the world take note, please).

So, check out Becky and Lavender Diamond!  Here's an article announcing the group's intention of recording again after their break from the music scene:

Yes, yes, and HELL yes, Becky!  (From:

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