Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yet another reason to ADORE Annette Bening...and I JUST discovered it today!

Remember her?  She's amazeballs!  (From:
I feel that I am usually pretty up-to-date on stars and their lives.  However, it seems that Cher's son has taken the full spotlight away from another star's son whose story a lot of people may really want to hear about.

Doing my daily reading online, I discovered this post on Annette's son which is actually quite brave of him.  It's amazing what one person can do to add a little bit of hope to the lives of those who are struggling with their own realizations.

Gives a little insight into why Annette was so passionate about getting The Kids Are All Right made in the first place.  She just jumped up on my list of starts who fascinate and intrigue me.  Mothering done right.  A Million Moms should take a hint at how to raise children correctly.  AND it ain't by starting online protests.

Annette's son, Stephen, sharing a few important statements with his online audience! Brave!  (Linked to OMGBlog)

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