Monday, July 16, 2012

Lady Gaga Tweets a New Ad for Fame! Seems familiar tho...Just Sayin'

Gaga with men ALL over her!  Love it...but...  (From:
The Gaga has her new perfume debuting, called Fame, and this is the image she Twatted today.  However....

Remember Madonna's Erotica album and Sex book?  ANYTHING look familiar?  Madge took to the pages of her book in the buff, and at the same time released her Erotica video looking like this:

Hmm...looks VERY familiar...  (From:
Sometimes it's SO hard to think of new looks, so why not steal from the woman who has made her career out of changing hers?  The only issue is, Madonna is still rocking it...and a bit better in my little opinion.  I hope Madge gets a few bucks out of the perfume's revenue...just sayin'.

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