Monday, July 16, 2012

Say WHAT, Nick Cannon? I mean, who is he?

Mariah Carey wants to get EVEN bigger this year..Nick says he needs..CRAP..she needs hella money to do AI ( 
Mr. Cannon-Carey did a quick interview to talk about...well...his better half.  If that's what you can call it.  Rumor has been going around that Ms. Carey is one of the people American Idol is interested in taking a place a the judging table.  They may need to give her a table of her own...just sayin'.  She needs her "space."

I digress....Mr. Carey took time out of his busy schedule (sorry just had a laughing fit) to talk about how much Ms. Carey will need to get paid to do AI.  LOLa abundant here.  You know he's actually just fishing for the $$ by putting this very news-worthy "interview" out there.  Basically, while feeding their twins two hours before, Mariah and Nick were saying how funny it would be if he opened his annoying mouth in public and said she'd need double whatever J.Lo made to do AI.

You know what's REALLY pathetic?  Ms. Carey, if you're nasty, will PROBABLY get it if she shows interest.  They'll need to do a lot of wider shots on the judges' table to fit her in tho.  Just sayin'.  HEY!  I'm talking about her inflated ego, not the baby weight that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Ooops...sorry.  It's her ego, and the piles of cash she has hidden in her bra...and her pants...and under her hair...and in the baby diapers.  Ooops...sorry.  I'm sure it's all real up in there.  The money, that is.

Click the link below to be taken to the video where Nick speaks sooo eloquently about his wifey's requirements to terrorize our televisions soon:

Nick opens his mouth....and not much of worth comes out of it. Ooops.  (From: pinkisthenewblog)

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