Monday, July 16, 2012

amanwithaview Francisco Lachowski: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Is this pic for clothing, cologne, spray tan???  Who cares!  (From:
This is Fransisco Lachowski, and he is successful and famous enough to have his own .com HERE:

So, you can pretty much see tons of pics there.  He seems to do A LOT of catwalk work, but I think he should def be doing more print work.  Hell, get this boy a film deal ASAP.  I'd buy the dvd.  For reals.

At least I know THIS one's for jeans?  Possibly?  LOLs.  Hotness rating of 9.5.  (From:
No need to point out that he is totally google-able.  Don't feel too guilty for googling him.  I just spent about 20 minutes "writing" this teeny tiny post.  I'm still flipping through his photos.

Until the next addiction post...

I want that sweater.  Not one like it...I WANT THAT ONE!  (From:

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