Thursday, July 5, 2012

amanwithaview asks "Melanie Griffith...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Rehab! TG you're back!"

I don't know where she's been (in rehab, I read), but I'm just REALLY glad Melanie Griffith is getting back to work!  Also, glad she's getting healthy again!

Get to work, immediately! (From:

I think that I wanted to post on Mel, not because of the headline but because of her amazeballs career!  I heart her...I just DO!  Come on, who didn't LOVE Pacific Heights with Matthew Modine?  I STILL enjoy watching that film after a million views.  It's a great thriller, and WHO KNEW Michael Keaton could play a bad guy sooo friggin' well?  

Then, there was her remake of Born Yesterday with John Goodman and Don Johnson.  She was adorable, hi-frickin'-larious, beautiful, and the heart of that film.  ANOTHER movie that I will watch over and over and over again!  

DON'T EVEN get me started on Milk Money or Nobody's Fool.  Seriously, Folks!  If you haven't seen these...add them to the very LONG list that I am making for you.  So, I guess what I'm typing is THIS:

Let's get her back on the big screen asap.  Seriously, this girl deserves it...and THIS girl (ME) wants some more Melanie Griffith in my life.  She's doing a lot of theater (WHICH IS FAB!!!), but I can't afford to travel like that!

Enjoy this cute scene from Milk Money, where some young men meet her "prostitute" character named V for the first time (From: YouTube):

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