Sunday, July 15, 2012

amanwithaview Sam Way: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

I've never wanted to be in a pair of Diesel underwear so badly.  (From:
Sam Way has been around the modeling world for quite some time, but I'm only recently discovering him.  So, I'm helping everyone else to do the same.

He's pretty much a cutie with a killer smile.  I found him on the following site, with a great interview:

Way too much WAY to be had. Click HERE!  (From:

Sundays seem like a great day to spend searching for my addictions while fulfilling them at my local Starbucks (gotta love iced coffees on a hot day with hot men).  Now, to get one sitting next to me instead of just googling them.

More Way on the way:

(From:  There's a wiki for hunks?  Ok!
Uh, Sir.  Your shirt is unbuttoned.  Don't fix it, K?  (From:
You're welcome, World.  Until the next male model post, this has been your host...amanwithaview.

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