Saturday, July 14, 2012

Me, B.A./M.A. Response to pompous HuffPostist responding to Madonna's Gang Bang

Girl Gone Wild...with a gun  (From:
Patricia Leavy, PhD says that the public is allowing female artists to get away with more commentary on domestic violence than their male counterparts.  The problem with her argument?  These are women!  The post comes from a woman, supposedly well-educated, but she seems to have forgotten about her own vagina for a moment.  The reason that women are able to take a topic, like domestic violence, and be frank about it in their work is because it empowers them and releases them from the role as victim.

Leave it alone, Leavy! You have no clue what you're talking about.  (From: HuffPost)

I'd like to have sat in on some of her courses and heard this author's commentary within the educational discussions.  It's interesting that she cannot make the distinction that male artists (such as Eminem that she references) are criticized for their inclusion of domestic violence mainly due to the fact that their genre of music is known for emphasizing women as objects and toys for men.  Or for that matter, there was absolutely zero criticism of Tori Amos remaking Eminem's song due to the fact that it was a woman consoling her child for the fact that the man is murdering her.  This woman's PhD came from a cereal box, I'm telling you.

Madonna's song is an empowerment for women.  She's releasing her frustration in her art.  Sure, she's talking about wielding a gun and shooting her man in the head.  HEY!  Haven't we all been there at some point?  Plus, if you actually listen to the lyrics it's a story of how much she loved her husband.  Then, when he decided that their marriage was over, he took some of what she had spent her life working for.  Throughout the song she references her admiration for him even though it turns out she "was just keeping her enemies close."

Eminem = violence and women living in a patriarchal society ruled by dicks
Madonna = a woman's perspective of a man's manipulation and greed

Really what's a woman supposed to do in this situation?  Cry herself to sleep at night?  Come on, Patricia PhD.  Jealous of a woman with some power?  Your PhD didn't buy you any guts did it?

Just turn the song on and enjoy it for what it is...a good beat to bounce to.

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