Monday, October 8, 2012

amanwithaview Today I'm Listening To: "Take Me Home" by Perfume Genius

(From:  Perfume Genius is pretty darn cute in my book!
Ok. Here's the deal.  Press play on the video below.  Do NOT watch it, but turn away and just LISTEN.  Only after you listen one full time thorough the song should you hit replay and then watch the video.

(From: YouTube)

Why am I making you do this?

Well, I understand that judgment exists in the world.  I would rather you hear TRUE talent before something material takes over your attitude towards the musical genius that you're about to behold with your ears.

Of course, this IS coming from me and I'm utterly IN HEART with this artist (I DON'T JUDGE, unless you're a complete and utter basket case in the first place).  I love the song, the video, his vibe, and basically everything about him.

Why?  Because he's everything other than what society may expect.  So there.

He's reminiscent of an early Chris Isaak, Heather Nova, KD Lang, or anyone with general soul in their delivery.  What are your thoughts on this loverly song and the artist?  I HAVE to find more out there from him.

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