Sunday, October 7, 2012

The OTHER Matt...Not Bomer this time. MATT DALLAS stole my cookie.

(From:  Buff indeed.  Oh.My.Lanta.  I just lost my sh**. Helllloooo, Matt Dallas.
Before, Kristen Holden-Ried stole my cookie.  And, just now I was sitting with my Oreos and a glass of skim milk, and along comes Matt.  He steals not one, but two of my cookies.  He JUST ate them.  I mean, look at him in the photos above.  He is "like" so happy with himself.  But, after seeing him lying there I was content.  I poured the rest of the bag on him, along with the milk, and ate them off of his bare skin.

I must confess.  I have a hot spot in my heart for Matt Dallas (duh...).  I watched every episode of Kyle XY before the final season.  When they brought in the female version of his character, I lost interest.  Girl, hands off.  He's mine.

Well, I Google him (in the non-perverted sort of way) on a frequent basis.  Ok, fine!  In the perverted sort of way.  His eyes keep me searching for new pictures.  And, I just discovered the trailer for a new film he has coming out, which I will share with you in this post.

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about (even after the Kyle XY reference), you should Google him yourselves.  He should be much more popular than he is right now.  Just sayin'...

So, I ran across this:
(From: YouTube) Tyler Shields photographing Matt after making him suffer cold showers and a roll in the dirt.  What a bit**!  LOLS

It's kind of HOT hearing Matt using the F Bomb throughout.  And, watching him shiver just made me all tingly inside.  Is that wrong?  That's what cuddling is for, right? 

(From:  So friggin' cute...I can't stand it.
Now that I have exposed you to the hottest Matt (my choice completely), let's compare...Shall we?

(From: Matt Bomer IS pretty adorable!
(From: Yum.  Charlie Sheen is off in a corner, pipe-in-hand screaming "Winner!"
My mind is made up, but BOTH are pretty hot in a "I could never look like that" sort of way.  Here is the trailer for Matt Dallas' new film You, Me and the Circus:

(From: YouTube)  I'd be more excited if I could insert myself in there (in the place of the blonde).  Just sayin'!!!!

Enough already!  I won't be able to sleep tonight!  Goodnight, Matt.  Haha.  

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