Monday, October 8, 2012

Cam Gigandet's New Project: "Johnson" - Yes, It's About His Penis. My Life Is Now Complete

(From:  Yes, Cam.  I will go for a dip with you.  Stop begging, please!
I haven't seen much of Cam Gigandet on screen lately.  I will usually refer back to Burlesque, and those amazing screen shots of him wearing only a bag of cookies.  For those needing a refresher course on said scene...

(From:  Cookie...yes, please!  I'll just take the box.
There is news that Cam's newest film will involve him as a man whose penis leaves his body and takes human form.  All in the purpose of teaching him a lesson on his wild ways of womanizing.  Ummm....ok.  Let me process this.  Man loses his penis, and needs to learn to live with his "actual" mind.  Innnnnteresting premise.  Perhaps this means more scenes of Cam in his birthday suit?  I say AWESOME!  Click the link below to read a bit more about the film that is appropriately titled Johnson.

Cam's "Johnson" will soon appear in theaters...Lovely!  (From: DarkHorizons)

There are just too, too, tooooo many nice pics of Cam to NOT share another:

(From:  This pic was taken in my bedroom.  Truly!  Ok, fine.  It's a mental picture, and I'm completely mental. 

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