Saturday, October 6, 2012

Addicted to Coffee, Addicted to Male Models: Adrien Sahores

(From: Adrien phtographed by Justin Wu..Woo-woo! Hello, gorgeous!
Adrien is represented by Ford models in NYC, and has been in some of the most successful designers' advertisements.  I really don't need to go into's pretty apparent.  See the photos if you're not already in agreement!

(From: blaakmagic)  I second that "Yes!"
I think I like him in the pic, following, the most.  Smiles are never a bad thing:

(From:  He may be tweeking his own nipple.  That's cute.  Although, I think he'd have no problem finding someone to do it for him.  LOLS...
Keep checking in for more cutie-patooties!  I will have a scavenger hunt on the net for more models for you to discover.  I'd put female models on here too, but they get enough exposure as it is on other sites. Men will do for me!

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