Sunday, October 7, 2012

What is a "Kiki?" If the Scissor Sisters are having one, why can't I? HAHA! Let's research and DISCUSS!

(From: YouTube) Scissor Sisters video for Let's Have a Kiki.  Let's...please!

Alright, I heard the song and thought, "WTF is this?"  Really?  I had no clue about what the song was referencing, but I became enthralled with the dance that quickly grabbed onto every gay man, woman, child, dog, ant, etc. that heard/saw the Scissor Sister's video.

Some guy that attends NYU tries his hand at explaining a KIKI, and admits he's lonely.  (From: HuffPost)

So, what is a KIKI?  Well, above is what a HuffPost "journalist" researched (even though he doesn't cite any outside material), but I'm taking it for granted that he's correct and learned on the subject at hand.  Click on the link above to be taken to his article on the subject.  What I gather, from his commentary on the kiki, is that it is a social gathering where friends and acquaintances merely gab.  Gossip, gossip, and more gossip.  Well, if this IS the case, I've been kiki'ing with with best of them for ages.  What a relief that I wasn't being left out of THIS culture! LOLS...

Anyhow, it seems that these kikis are highly relatable.  Everyone, everywhere is taking the song, the choreography, and running with them in their own videos.  And, I CAN'T stop watching ALL of them.  It's the beat, the cliche....Honey, it's the mother trucking drag queens!  Gotta have, gotta have it every day!

See for yourselves:

(From: YouTube) Australia's Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras have their own kiki

(From: YouTube) No idea who these people are, but they're pretty amusing for taking the SS's video and making one of their own.  Not too shabby!

I kind of want to make my own Kiki video now.  I feel kind of inspired to do something altogether different from the original.  Anyone interested?  Haha...anyhow, let me know if you are!  Love it!

So, from now on if you're bored....grab your pals and have yourselves a mother trucking KIKI!

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